August Printables

Happy August!

How in the world is it already August?!! It always gets here so fast!

I don’t know about you but I’m not quite ready to stop soaking up these summer days, but the school year is coming soon for a lot of you and it’s time to start taking baby steps over to that planner!

If your “teacher brain” has turned back on and the planning has begun, then you’ll want to check out the new printables for August!

I am most excited to announce that 5 of my decodable readers are done and are added to the literacy (phonics) category. In each file you’ll find the following:

  • lesson plans that outline what to do before, during and after reading the decodable text.
  • phonological awareness practice pages
  • CVC spelling practice pages
  • sequencing page to retell the story
  • 3 formats of the book: half page, half page with space for drawing, and single page.

All of the books are available in color and black & white!

Hope you love them and if you have any suggestions or ideas for printables, please leave a comment or fill out the suggestion form!

Book 1 – Short A Words

Book 2 – Short A Words

Book 3 – Short A Words

Book 4 – Short E Words

Book 5 – Short E Words

In Line Poster

At the Rug Poster

At Your Chair Poster

CVCe Game

  • Age group: Kindergarten, 1st Grade
  • Category: CVCe Words

CVCe Spelling Cards

  • Age group: Kindergarten, 1st Grade
  • Category: CVCe Words

Counting Bus Window Cards (0-20)

  • Age group: Preschool, Kindergarten
  • Category: Counting

Middle E Words and Crafts

Fall Pattern Block Pages

  • Age group: Preschool, Kindergarten
  • Category: Shapes

Number Crafts for 0-9

  • Age group: Preschool, Kindergarten
  • Category: Numbers

Search for the Uppercase Letter

  • Age group: Preschool, Kindergarten
  • Category: Alphabet

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