December Printables

Happy December!

This month is a crazy one with all the holiday festivities! I hope these printables make your lesson planning and prep easier so you can spend lots of time with your family and friends.

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Here are the December Printables!

Christmas Match the Time Puzzles

  • Age group: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
  • Category: Time
  • Directions: Cut the picture into 12 pieces. Match the time to the analog clock and glue them to complete the picture. There are 2 pictures in this set.

Color the Number Pairs

  • Age group: Preschool, Kindergarten
  • Category: Numbers
  • Directions: Follow the key to color in Santa’s beard.

Penguin Activities

  • Age group: 2nd Grade and higher
  • Category: Science
  • Directions: Use this packet to learn about penguins!

Winter Rhyming Pages

  • Age group: Kindergarten, 1st Grade
  • Category: Rhyming
  • Directions:  Work on rhyming with these 4 pages of winter rhyming practice.

Christmas Mazes

  • Age group: Any age
  • Category: Fine Motor
  • Directions: Have fun completing the Christmas-themed mazes! Great for fine motor practice. To make these reusable, you can laminate the pages or place them in a plastic sleeve protector.

Winter Number Lane Subtraction

  • Age group: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
  • Category: Subtraction
  • Directions: Use the number line to complete the subtraction problems.

Candy Cane Shape Matching

  • Age group: Preschool, Kindergarten
  • Category: Shapes
  • Directions: Draw a line from the candy cane shape to the same shape on the other side.

Winter Writing Prompts

  • Age group: 1st grade, 2nd Grade
  • Category: Writing
  • Directions: Practice writing and use creativity with these writing prompts.

Santa Beard Cutting Practice

  • Age group: Any
  • Category: Fine Motor
  • Directions: Practice your fine motor skills by cutting the lines on Santa’s beard!

Color by Number Christmas Pages

  • Age group: Kindergarten, 1st grade
  • Category: Numbers
  • Directions: Use the key to color the picture. This is great for number recognition and visual discrimination skills.

Winter Coloring Pages

  • Age group: Any
  • Category: Projects
  • Directions: Have fun coloring these winter-themed pictures!

Winter I Spy ABCs

  • Age group: Preschool, Kindergarten
  • Category: Alphabet
  • Directions: Circle the letter in the picture when you find it and cross it off from the list at the bottom of the page. You can color the page when you’re done!

Winter Rhyming Cards

  • Age group: Kindergarten, 1st grade
  • Category: Rhyming
  • Directions: Color the word that rhyme on each card.

Winter Would You Rather Writing Prompts

  • Age group: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd Grade
  • Category: Writing
  • Directions: Choose which option you like better and write why you would do that activity.

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